Friday, February 12, 2010

The ROCK Landing, Milledgeville Georgia,Baldwin County GA. Oconee River Creek Indians

The ROCK Landing, Milledgeville,Baldwin County Georgia  Oconee River,
Georgia Creek Indians or also called Muscogees Indian tribes
Creek Indian Warriors History sign

Introduction......the Creek Indians

Just what do we mean by the Creeks? According to scholar Michael D. Green in the introduction to his The Creeks: A Critical Bibliography:
"The Creek Nation was a confederacy--an alliance of separate and independent tribes that gradually became, over a long period, a single political organization. Through most of its history, however, the Confederacy was a dynamic institution, constantly changing in size as tribes, for whatever reason, entered the alliance or left it. ... This fluctuating population base...has confounded the attempts of historians and anthropologists to generalize about the Creeks. One can be clear or correct, but rarely both."
Another name for the Creeks is Muscogees. Muscogee is also the name of the language of the largest group within the Creeks. Other groups spoke Alabama, Koasiti, Hitchiti, Natchez, Yuchi, and Shawnee. Often when people refer to speaking Creek or to the Creek language, they mean Muscogee, but it's not always clear which language they are referring to. Seminole is the name for one group which eventually left the Confederacy and became regarded as a separate tribe


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